Your Journey

At this first visit, we will evaluate
and assess your areas of concern,
pain, or functional limitation.

These sessions are custom-designed to address function, strength, agility, mobility, and range of motion, among many other areas of concern. They are based on your needs and will be catered towards meeting your goals.

We believe that in order to meet your maximal potential with functional mobility, a strong foundation is key. We will analyze and focus on improving postural deficits that may be impeding your functional activities, strength, abilities, and general state of being.

Knowledge is power, and this knowledge is key in attaining your functional goals as well as maintaining them throughout your life. We, at Impower, want to equip you for success, and will do so by providing thorough education on how to apply our techniques at home for consistent progress. Education will be a constant in your sessions by using a variety of tools best suited to fit your learning style.

At Impower, we care not only about your current state of being, but also want you to live a lifestyle of healthy habits, decisions, and empowerment. We provide wellness and preventative services that will teach you how to optimally use your strengths, avoid injury, and become aware of the mind-body connection.