Our Services

Initial Evaluation

This is our first visit to evaluate and assess your areas of concern, pain, or functional limitation. We will perform a full objective evaluation, starting with a history and then special tests/measures as appropriate per your condition.

The evaluating therapist will review your report in full with you after your appointment.

Therapeutic Treatment Sessions

These sessions are geared towards improving strength, reducing pain, and maximizing your functional mobility. Here, we will teach you various therapeutic activities and exercises as well as perform manual therapy/facilitation that are targeted towards areas of improvement.

You will receive a handout, either in person or electronically, to take home with you over what was covered during our session. Each treatment session will be custom-built to meet your goals, step by step.

A home exercise program, or HEP will be custom-designed to meet your goals and regain pain-free mobility, improve strength and flexibility, and improve your confidence in functional mobility!

Postural Re-Education

A strong core is key to ideal functional movement and prevention of injury. The first step towards developing strong core musculature begins with acquiring an awareness of the abdominal and back muscles. With this type of treatment session, we will study your posture, analyze your form for any deficits, and provide you the tools and techniques needed for improvement.

Developmental Education

Education is power. When you are able to identify what is ‘right’ with movement and developmental growth, only then can you identify if something is really ‘wrong’ with movement. We will educate you on normal developmental movement patterns, milestones, and growth.

We will, as appropriate, perform developmental tests on your baby to define where he/she is on a standardized scale, and then create a goal-oriented plan of care that addresses your concerns and serves as a blueprint for achieving progress.

We believe in an open collaboration of care with your other health care providers, and with your consent, will communicate with your pediatrician and health care team as needed in order to provide thorough and balanced care for you and your child.

Wellness Services

Physical wellness and prevention are the key components to energy and vitality as a parent. Back pain, fatigue, poor posture and breath control, are a few issues that can be prevented if identified early. Improvements in these areas can dramatically improve your health and wellness as a parent.

We will help identify the movement patterns or techniques that may be causing you impaired mobility or pain, and then teach you strategies you can use right away to help you feel AND move better.